An Honest Drinking Guide for Your 20s

From your classic whiskey and gin cocktails to vodka and tequila with some flair, it’s safe to say there’s a cocktail for everyone. And trust us when we say that cocktails make you look hot — basically like Don Draper minus the misogyny and imminent lung cancer. But if you’re a seasoned cocktail drinker, you […]

What Kind of Soccer Super Star Are You?

World-class footballers and world-class drinkers have one thing in common: they thrive in a team environment. But while each is a team sport, so to speak, everyone on the team plays an important, but different role. So we’ve donned our white scientist lab coats, crunched some numbers, and put in the man hours to do […]

Brunch is Stupid

Brunch is stupid.  Hold on, hear me out. I understand that brunch is your favorite. That the mere thought of brunch is the only thing keeping you going through the work week. And that’s okay. It is fine to enjoy brunch, but if you take a second and examine it, I mean really examine it, you’ll realize it is […]