Inspired by the environment of the Irish cottage and its essential hearth, Tigín (meaning small cottage) encompasses both modern amenities and traditional values— Tigín the perfect place to find comfort.

We consider Tigín a different type of Irish pub. We blend the best of the old with the best of the new. Our decor and friendly staff evoke images of the great old pubs of Ireland whereas our style of operating – our music, food, beverages – connects more so with the contemporary pubs and bars of modern Ireland.


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Screw Your Resolution in 2015

Time to say what everyone is starting to think: Screw your Resolution.  Of course, if you have resolved to start hitting the gym more often or resolved to be more active in your community, please don’t “screw it”. These are straight-up positive changes. But, if you SWEAR that this is the year to give up pub grub, bar food and the like, I’m saying, screw THAT. And here’s my argument:

Eat Better.  Don’t give it up, just do it better.  It’s 2015 and there’s just no reason to short-change yourself when it comes to good food and drink. Reason being ~ pub food is simply not the same bar food we were eating even 5 years ago. Yes, you’re in a pub. Yes, the menu consists of burgers, sandwiches, snacks and hearty entrees, but it is definitely NOT the same.

Our pub food at Tigín is fresh, from-scratch, house-made and contains no trans-fats or hydrogenated oils and here’s why: our customers spoke and we listened. It all started quite a few years back. And, to be honest, we were quite surprised about how much people knew about their food and how much they cared. It’s not just the raw food extremists who are jumping up and down about food preparation. It’s our dinner crowd, our younger brunch crowd and even the guys who pop in from the office after work just looking for a decent pint and a little nosh. Nowadays you can go to any city or any (decent or up-and-coming) neighborhood and the food trends all point towards quality food, served up with a fancy craft beer or house cocktail. And, if you really think about it, this broader evolution in the food industry makes really good sense. People who are looking for good beer and a quality atmosphere simply want to be able to eat well too.

At Tigín, we do understand that most folks would know us for our beer first. Sometimes it’s just one beer, <Guinness>, and we’re flattered, really. We get that food can be an after-thought with Tigín.  Man, if I had a dollar for every “you guys serve food?” comment. Or, a quarter for every time I heard “I didn’t realize your food was so good” …I’d be doing alright for myself.   It really shouldn’t come as a surprise though that we care as much about our food menu as we do our beverage menu.  How could you know that we spend thousands of dollars on our state of the art draft system, taps and glassware?

Quality and the little details really matter to us. We have the best HDTVs available so that our sports fans catch every play on game day. And our cutting edge sound system ensures that the craic is mighty come Saturday night.  So you shouldn’t be surprised, should you, that our corned beef and our sausages (with our own recipe) come from a 3rd generation butcher out of Vermont. Or, that our lamb is cooked for over 4 hours at low temps to ensure that it is fall-off-the-bone tender. That our fish is wild-caught. Or, that daily we bake our own Guinness and cheddar bread and all of our soups are from-scratch. Even our honey mustard sauce is made in-house with an imported UK condiment, Colman’s Mustard.

Times have simply changed. People care about what they are eating, even when it’s “pub grub”. So, I say, screw your resolution and just resolve to eat better.

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Boxing Day MUFC

Boxing Day Games ~ A Christmas Tradition

One of my favorite (adopted) holidays of the year is Boxing Day, which is celebrated in the UK the day after Christmas. To catch you up, Boxing Day is a secular holiday that dates way back to the Middle Ages. Much of Europe and Canada acknowledge it as a national holiday as well. In Ireland though, December 26 is called St Stephen’s Day or Feast of St Stephen, which is a religious holiday to commemorate the patron Saint himself.   In all, its fair to say that its a day that pushes the limits of food and alcohol consumption …in the best way possible.

I’ve been to England well over a dozen times and spent at least half that many celebrating Boxing Day and I’ve never gotten a straight answer as to what we were actually celebrating. So here it is; according to wikipedia, its a holiday when tradesmen, those highly specialized, skilled service people such as carpenters, barbers, repairmen, bartenders and cobblers (yes, they still exist) would receive gifts, known as a “Christmas box”, from their bosses or employers. So considering how far the tradition dates back, I probably should have questioned my father-n-law when he told me that Boxing day is “a day to get all your rubbish out to the recycling”.

Sam Smiths

He always enjoys winding me up, so whether he actually knows the real answer or not is ok, because he certainly knows how to celebrate the day just the same. Properly …with beer, food, family and, best of all, soccer.

That’s right, Boxing Day is a HUGE day for soccer in England.  Since most of the country is enjoying a Bank Holiday, there’s a full slate of games lined up in England. Take a look at this fixture list. It’s stacked.

Chelsea v West Ham

Burnley v Liverpool

Everton v Stoke

Manchester United v Newcastle

West Brom v Manchester City

Arsenal v QPR

Boro v Nottingham Forrest (Championship yo!)

In England, the kick off times are at noon, 3pm or 5pm (GMT) so there’s a legion of soccer fans who will enjoy a lazy morning (perhaps get their recycling done), hit the pub and, if they’re lucky, make their way to the stadium to watch their home team play.  Historically, Boxing Day home games always play in front of near to sell out crowds.  It’s simply a great day out with your mates or the family, regardless of where your team is in the table.  It’s just that kind of day.

Expats won’t get to march to any stadium to watch soccer here on Boxing Day in the States of course, but I feel safe to speak for at least a few of them when I say, a Pub like Tigín is the next best thing. I have watched the Boxing Day games at Tigín many times and its always a lazy, carefree day and a festive good time. And even though its not a Bank Holiday, St Stephen’s Day / Boxing Day (or simply the day after Christmas for us Yanks) DOES fall on a Friday this year.  This means that many folks will squeeze a long weekend out of it.  Friday Brunch anyone?

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Now, before you get your knickers in a twist, I’m not discounting how important this day is to the Irish at all. We are in fact an Irish Pub and St Stephen’s Day in Ireland is a very special, family day too.  But if you walk into our Irish Pub on December 26, you will find a wonderful melting pot of expats from all over the world and Americans. The point here is that a good bunch of them will have come down specifically to watch the Boxing Day games.

So while players from the other European leagues take a break at Christmas time to rest, the leagues in England will take to the field.  And, despite the ongoing debate, I selfishly hope this doesn’t change.

I used to jokingly state how grateful I was to know a few Brits so I had an excuse to celebrate Boxing Day.  Nowadays, it’s clear by the amount of Europeans and Americans at our Irish Pub on December 26, soccer fans in the States have all the excuse they need.

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Full brunch menu, including Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s, craft beer and cocktails available on December 26. Please check the website for menu, specials and open hours.

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A Fairytale of Tigín Irish Pub

The holidays are a special time of year at our Irish Pub.  Yes, it’s hectic. And, yes, staff are working harder than ever. But, there is a vibe about the atmosphere here. It’s magic. And like any kind of spell, there are a few key ingredients that make it work.


Everyone moans about Holiday music starting too early or how sick of it they are by the 2nd week of December. Well, I am here to say that our Holiday play list is fantastic. It is good because we really give a shit about it -time of day, rotation, repeats, and volume.  The guys that run the Pub really want the atmosphere to be just right. The Irish call it craic. This time of year we have a formula. One part holiday song, 3 parts contemporary rock, 1 part classic pub tune. OK,  I actually don’t know what the formula is (not my job) but somehow all the right tunes at happy hour are playing and, before I know it, instead of hitting the Mall and knocking out my Christmas shopping, I’ve been convinced to order another.  Here’s a fun fact for ya — years back (2007 to be exact) Edison Research did a very expensive study to find out what Christmas songs are most popular. Do we play the new ones, play more old ones or boycott Christmas music altogether? Well, the research revealed that it was the old ones that everyone wanted to hear. And, it was at that time we saw the birth of the 100% holiday music station.  Case in point, Tom, a general manager, an Irish fella and one of the sweetest, hardest working guys you’d ever have the pleasure of knowing, LOVES Fairytale of New York. It’s a Pogues tune featuring Kirsty MacColl. I love it too. Tom though is notorious for playing it during every shift and singing it even when the song isn’t on. OTT?  Nah, how can “too happy” during any shift be too much?

holiday craic

Holiday Parties

This time of year we host a LOT of Holiday parties. And, together with the music, lights and bodies, you will look around on a Tuesday night and certainly question the day of the week. We are a place where office parties don’t want to leave and other office parties want to come hang late …usually when the Boss pulls the plug at the other place.  Some of our party planners will tell you that even though its hard work during these 4-5 weeks (think OverTime on steroids), its also super special. First of all, they get to hang with their late night crew and bond. There is always a closeness that comes out of being in the trenches, working towards the same thing that connects people. FOR REAL. Also, party planners get to witness the holiday buzz first hand with so many of their clients at once. Serving happy customers is just contagious.   It’s stories like this that illustrate what I’m talking about:

“It was my second Christmas, I had just finished my first semester of grad school and was working full time. I was worn out and heading into my last shift before going home for Christmas. I served a huge party – open bar tab, food – they took up one side of the pub. They drank a lot – and unfortunately some guests were really impatient and rude. The woman coordinating the office party warned me this would happen and she was incredibly nice. So nice in fact that she even wanted to know my story. I told her about grad school, 2 jobs, etc. As the night wore on, she kept telling me how thankful she was & how patient I was being. Well, when she signed the credit card slip at the end, she wrote the same exact amount for the tip as the included gratuity – which amounted to almost $600 tip! I was panicked she hadn’t read the receipt and asked if she knew the grat was included. She explained she served and bartended her way through law school and she knew how hard it was to do both jobs. She said it was her way of “paying it forward”.  Almost $600 to me back then was like a million dollars. She was so freaking kind!        

 - Amanda, Bartender

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Christmas Orphans

When it is all said and done though, the Holidays are magic because of the people, on both sides of the bar. We are a business run by Americans and expats and during the Holidays many of us can not get back to see our families. This pub is our home away from home and the people we work with and serve (our regulars) are very much our extended family.

A couple of weeks, a regular and friend of the pub called me of my day off.  He told me that he found the Christmas stockings (by found, he meant “noticed” the box of stockings that Liz had pulled from the back room) and he asked when we would hang them up.  I told him that the girls were going to do it sometime in the next few days and joked with him about decorating the pub himself.  When I came in the next day, all of the stockings were hanging and he had tested all of the light strands.  The only reason he didn’t hang the lights too, was that he didn’t have staples for the staple gun.  He even took a trip to the store to get glitter pens to make stockings for the new staff.  Its really what the holidays are about at the pub.  We have such a huge family and we all have a part to play!
-Libby, General Manager, St Louis

And then there’s this story:

The first Christmas that I ever spent away from home was just after I started working at the Pub. I was told that I wouldn’t be able to leave over the holidays. I was heart broken about missing the holiday with my family. But, the Orphan’s Christmas that the managers hosted at the Pub made the day special. Big dinner, Christmas movies, lots of booze. I remember very little besides the warm feelings, because I am pretty sure I was blacked out by 9PM.”  -Michelle, General Manager

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Oh and just last week …THIS happened

(that’s a $1000 tip on a $30 bill)

that tip 2014


So there it is. The Spell for Christmas Magic – add one part music, one part mirth-making, mix with old friends -and the ones you haven’t met- and you have some very special Christmas craic.

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