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Extreme Beer – Extreme Love

For the past month, we have been celebrating extreme beers.  High quality.  High alcohol by volume (abv).  Big beers.  And when talking, sampling and selling such unique -sometimes hard to get- beers, it’s important to take a moment to learn (give thanks!) to the history of the big beer. Because that Cappuccino Chocolate Stout didn’t happen by accident. Mmmm Nutty.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

While beer dates back to the Egyptians, the history of big beers can be pointed to a very special Medieval time (6th century) and a place (Europe) where clean water sources were about as prevalent as women’s rights (Non-existent. Feel me?). And even though the Trappist monks in France didn’t invent beer, they sure as heck had the time and diligence required to perfect it.  Important to know that back around 500 A.D., although people consumed a lot of beer, it was not very good.  And beer drinking wasn’t just for the gents either. Women, children and monks consumed it daily. During Lent, monks consumed up to 4 litres a day and little else (do not try that at home).  It was an important part of trade at that time as well and monks, living and working at the center of it all, became master brewers.  For all intents and purposes, Abbeys were the original breweries. Those tenacious little monks learned how to make beer stronger, tastier and even last longer, so they could export itWho says God and science are incompatible? To this day, behind water and tea, beer is the most widely consumed drink in the world.

 tripel kameliet

Hop yeah!

One of the most significant moments in the evolution of beer was the introduction of hops.  (And we have the Germans to thank for that). Notably, without hops, you’re still just looking at ale. More importantly, hops serve as a preservative, which is an integral step in beer trade. Fast forward to 2015– and its clear the tremendous popularity and growth of IPAs is representative of something else. America’s taste buds have changed –think spicier and lighter.  And despite the bitterness of the hops, foods actually taste better and just a bit more intense too. The numbers don’t lie. IPA sales grew a staggering 450% from 2013-2014.  New styles, like sour beers, are certainly emerging, but IPAs are still king of this growth category.  Part of this enormous growth is due to the fact that brewers are giving hop heads more options, like white or black IPAs, high abv and the more flavor-forward options with chocolate, fruits or malts.  IPAs are among some of the most popular of the big beers. They’re buzzing, figuratively and literally.

     attachment (34)    *fish tacos with a spicy aioli sauce

Love Child DC attachment (37)   *salmon bites

Spring beer 1

Session on!

Just a note of extra caution.  We always advocate responsible drinking. These big beers have an alcohol by volume often twice that of what you probably drink. That’s fun, of course, but you’ll be on your face if you aren’t careful. Think of abv beers like cocktails. More for sipping than quaffing. Admire them for their complexity more than their thirst quenching capabilities and count 1 beer as two of your usual and you’ll be fine.

Not sure how to get started? I recommend that you sample with a ‘beer flight’. It usually involves four – 6 ounce pours – of hand-selected draft beers but without the worry of getting stuck with more than you want or can handle {because a 9.2% abv imperial double IPAs sometimes hits like …whoomp!}

beer flights

There is certainly a place and a time for session beers and luckily great breweries are continuing to make plenty of tasty options.   But when it comes to beer these days …go big or go home!  Big beers are here to stay.  I, for one, am raising my glass in thanks. Who’s with me?

    Extreme Beers

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Mothers Day Brunch

Mother’s Day Brunch at Tigín; What Mom Really Wants

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and I propose we change things up.  Not talking a revolution here- but I think it’s time for new ideas of how to celebrate Mom.  Of course Mom’s deserve their own day.  If you don’t get THAT …just stop reading now, this article isn’t for you.

It’s time to challenge the status quo (i.e. currently Mother’s Day = boring).  Maybe it’s because Moms are also women and we like to keep you guessing or maybe it’s because Moms live by the creed of “it’s the thought that counts” but Mother’s Day has been boring for far too long!  Blame Hallmark, but it’s time for a change!

This year come to terms with the fact that the place [insert lame brunchie place here] you’ve got a reservation for is going to be everyone’s worst nightmare = flowery, no atmosphere, over-priced food and stuffy, over-fed people …feel me? Face it. Brunch people can be awful. But we all love Mom.

It’s a simple fix: Moms want Mother’s Day to be FUN. Grandmum’s too.

It’s well documented that Moms actually like beer, whiskey, mimosas, sports, AND great food.  So, consider this: A pub checks all those boxes. And, if you think a Pub isn’t good enough for Mom? You obviously haven’t sat next to the regular group of collars when they are in the pub …would all those clergymen come for lunch so often if it wasn’t perfectly appropriate?

So, now that you’ve settled on a cool spot to take Mom (Tigín Irish Pub), there are a few things to consider when you are enjoying a few bevvies during this most special of occasions:

No matter what she says, Mom really doesn’t want you to bring the new girlfriend or boyfriend to this occasion. This is Her day. Not bring a friend to Mom’s day. So, do yourself a favor and avoid asking altogether. Because if you do ask and she says yes, she doesn’t actually mean it.

Relax and open up. Mom loves it when you let your guard down (especially when drinking is involved) — she knows you’ll share more. Moms love to get the inside scoop. But, there’s a line. The story about spending a night in the drunk tank …Mom just doesn’t want to know.

  Mimosa 3  bloody mary

Be on time and never – ever – tell her you’ve got plans after. Be smart about this: ask Mom what she has planned for the day and give her the out …not you. If you have in fact planned somewhere else to go after Mom’s brunch then you can just kiss your “good intentions” goodbye.

As for the actual meal …go the extra mile (we are happy to help):

Bring some flowers with you. Just ask for a pint glass or a cocktail carafe with some water……boom! Instant feel-good to enjoy the entire meal as Mom basks in the public glow of flowers on display from HER kid.

Flowers in a Pint Glass

Surprise her with dessert. That’s right, go ahead and have a word with your server on the side to bring something out to the table.  Time it right — you want this to LOOK planned. Can’t go wrong though. Moms love sweets and, more importantly, initiative!

Chocolate brownie

Let Mom face the TV. Yep, you read that right. Invite Mom to sit where she is facing the TV and even ask if she can see the TV ok (super suave move there). Ok for Mom to have her eye on those goal highlights. Not you.

Leffe and TV

Lastly, watch the swearing. You are grown up now and (no matter how much fun you are having) deep down Mom still doesn’t want to hear it. Unless you are Irish. Then, of course ignore what I just wrote.

So, from all of us here at Tigín, we’d like to wish all the Moms out there a very Happy Mother’s Day!


mimosa 2 - Edited (1)

SPD guinness girl

7 Things You Need to Know about St. Patrick’s Day

Ever heard of a Hibernophile?

No, it’s not some sort of kinky obsession, it’s someone who has a love of Ireland and/or Irish culture.  Now that March is here it’s time once again for people to (re)connect with their Irish roots …no matter how far of an ancestral stretch it actually may be.  The hibernophile, who professes his love of all of all things Irish, should be leading the way this St Patrick’s Day but sometimes, even the most enthusiastic among us actually miss a few things.

At Happy Hour, you might hear: “My great-great-great GranPappy Micky came over from Ireland” then that same person will go on Twitter and post:  “Can’t wait until Patty’s day! #Guinness”.

#SMH indeed.

www.PaddysnotPatty.com is fighting the good fight to abolish this once and for all. Given the frequency though of these exuberant, albeit innocent, errors, I thought it might be helpful to bring these hibernophiles into the huddle and share a few “all-Ireland” fun facts. Our goal is to minimize the ‘what a muppet’ responses …because we’re all about the passion and craic here at Tigín!

Here’s a list of important “must-know” St. Patrick’s Day facts:

#1 – Legend has it that the Patron Saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland over 1,000 years ago …snakes being a euphemism for heresy of course. There were never any actual snakes in Ireland, although there are some there now and it’s totally weird.

#2 – Corned-beef and cabbage is not a traditional Irish dish. It’s actually Irish-American and came about as a result of available meats to the working class immigrants back in the 1800s. It’s a story as rich and fascinating as any in food history.  An even better story (IMHO) is that our corned beef, sourced from our own butcher, is made according to our unique specifications …and I swear by it.

corned beef and cabbage

#3  - The first St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the United States was held in Boston in 1737 …and likely the best excuse ever devised to rationalize day drinking.

#4 –  The first St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Ireland wasn’t until 1903, when it became an official public holiday. Banks, stores and schools are closed for the Feast Day, a religious Holiday celebrated with family and close friends.

#5 – The pubs in Ireland were actually closed for a time on St Patrick’s Day (gasp!) because drinking got out of hand. That nonsense ended in the 1970s and things eventually got back to normal.

#6 – Legend has it St. Patrick used the shamrock to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity by showing a non-believer the three-leafed plant with one stalk. When we reference the Holy Trinity at the pub, we’re talking about Guinness, Harp, and Smithwick’s (pronounced “Smiddicks”)

#7 – “Muppet” –  Irish slang for a person who is ignorant and generally has no idea about anything.

“No, I don’t wanna green beer on Paddy’s Day, ya muppet”

Ever heard the saying, “Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day”?  Well it’s true.

We’ve got a lot of celebrating to do and everyone is welcome at Tigín.  So, go forth now ~ lovers of all things Irish ~ entertain, enlighten and at the very least, score some serious points at the Paddy’s Day Pub Quiz coming up!

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