Fadó (pronounced fuh-doe) is an Irish term meaning ‘long ago’. It would have been used by story tellers to begin a tale, “fado, fado…” to mean “long, long ago..”. We chose that as our name in 1996 because we wanted to tell the real story of Ireland’s rich and celebrated Pub culture.  Fadó and our sister brand Tigĺn (ti-geen) are still places where staff are free to be themselves and customers can escape from the day to day. They are still the most fun spots on the block. Those things haven’t changed but many things have.
The goal of the best Guinness in the country is still paramount but a selection of high quality European, local and regional craft beers is essential. Great ‘pub grub’ has been replaced by ever changing, innovative food serving more occasions and a more accepting customer palette. Pubs have always been fun but the focus on creating experience and engagement with customers has never been stronger.
We’re always looking for people and companies that can help make us better.  If you’d like to reach us, give us a call and we can direct you to the right person.
To reach our central office phone: 404-848-8433
Fado Pubs, Inc.
2964 Peachtree Rd
Suite 600
Atlanta, GA 30305